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Untitled, 2021, Shandong

Untitled, 2021, Shandong

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Untitled, 2021, Shandong

A series of ongoing creations initially began with a uniquely conceived clinking of glasses, which remains Can Sun's favorite work to date.

In this piece, two water glasses lean against each other, standing tilted on the table, while the water inside forms a single level surface.

"Untitled" serves as a metaphor for the interconnectedness of people and the delicate equilibrium needed to sustain meaningful connections.

he visual effect created by the "collision" of these ordinary objects possesses a peculiar allure, enticing viewers to gaze upon it.

Can Sun explains, "The glasses clink under their own weight, resembling a party celebration ritual. The level water surface suggests that in our efforts to build relationships, we strive to elevate our energy to match the other person's—but we also constantly face the risk of tipping over."

"People always seem to carry too many burdens in their hearts, as if life is just a series of milestones that must be completed, and any compromises made along the way are justified."

The artwork invites viewers to reflect on their own relationships and consider the ways in which they balance transparency and vulnerability, openness and protection.

This piece by Can Sun stands as a testament to the artist's ability to convey complex emotional and relational themes through simple yet powerful visual metaphors.

Original Photography works specification:

Giclee Print: 200 x 160 mm
Framed: 500 x 400 mm
Tru Vue UV Glass
Black Walnut Frame
Edition of 4, with 1AP

The watermark is not present on the actual product.

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