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Sea Foam

Sea Foam

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Real-Time, Generative artist from the UK.


Aevi creates organic visuals through real-time rendering and generative software, often driving the visuals with live audio data. Aevi’s environments imagine an audio visual world of controlled chaos; merging fluid and ethereal forms with distorted textures.



Fluid particles sing and swirl, an organic audio visual trance.

1 of 1, always flowing, never repeating.


Sea Foam is a realtime rendered, generative animation. The file can be looped for playback.This is an audio reative artwork, with music from Daddy Hyphen (UK).


Aevi (Sam Chilton) found the software 'Touchdesigner' and created a realtime installation that lit up with colour when the audience made a sound (available with a receiver device).


He loved this 'real-time' experience and found that playing with a symbiotic relationship between video and audio represented what he wanted to show in art.


His art is abstract expressionism, and he always trying to understand and represent human emotion and thought.


He also explores the question 'What does audio look like?'. He has found specific generative workflows that he can create ethereal and abstract art with.



Generative art is infinite and the visuals can run forever without repeating themselves. Through live generative art, it can run simulations that render in real time - meaning each version is different.


By using audio in the art, Aevi can place the viewer into the visuals - much like someone watching a film is immersed and feels as if they are amongst the characters.


Aevi’s artworks are inspired by modern artists: Refik Anadol, Maotik, Pauric Freeman, Pppanik; 20th century animators; Jordan Belson, Mary Ellen Bute, Oskar Fischinger. And musicians: LCY, Gantz, Blackhaine, Yushh, and Daddy Hyphen.

Resolution: 1440 x 1920px 

Duration: 15s Infinite Loop

File Size: 938 MB

The watermark is not present on the actual product.

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