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Natural Energy 自然能量 (H)

Natural Energy 自然能量 (H)

PriceFrom $678.00

This artwork is inspired by a Chinese poem dating back two thousand years:

"The poem goes 如果我不是在看山,就是在看水;如果我不是在看云,就是在看石头;如果我不是在看雾,就是在看雪。"

Winnie has translated this beautiful Zen poem into a moving digital painting. She integrates algorithms into the river flow, creating a surreal scene of nature and landscape that mimics life — ever-changing and never the same.

Render from generative artwork, 2024.

Resolution: 1600x1920px

Duration: 2m 52s

File Size: 609.4 MB

The watermark is not present on the actual product.