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Hurt to be Present

Hurt to be Present

PriceFrom $280.00

Hurt to be present, 2023, London

The artwork titled "Hurt to be Present" by Can Sun, created in London, presents a striking visual metaphor encapsulated within a simple yet powerful image. The piece features an apple, meticulously wrapped with its own peel to resemble a delicate ribbon, suggesting the idea of being constrained or bound by one's own nature.


"Hurt to be Present" metaphorically explores the theme of self-restraint and the pain associated with it. The apple's peel, intricately wrapped around itself, represents the self-imposed boundaries and the emotional scars we carry. The act of binding the apple with its own peel suggests how individuals often restrict their true selves, either to conform to societal expectations or to protect themselves from vulnerability.


The ribbons made from the peel also evoke a sense of gift-giving, hinting at the idea that our true selves are a gift, yet often hidden beneath layers of protection and self-imposed constraints. The artwork prompts viewers to reflect on their own experiences of pain and the lengths they go to protect their inner selves, ultimately questioning whether these self-imposed boundaries are necessary or whether they hinder true presence and authenticity.


In essence, "Hurt to be Present" is a poignant commentary on the human condition, illustrating the tension between the desire for authenticity and the fear of vulnerability. It encourages viewers to contemplate the cost of their self-imposed limitations and to consider embracing their true selves, despite the inherent risks.

Original Photography works specification:

Giclee Print: 200 x 160 mm
Framed: 500 x 400 mm
Tru Vue UV Glass
Black Walnut Frame
Edition of 4, with 1AP

The watermark is not present on the actual product.

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