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PSY 10_edit09_3_4

PSY 10_edit09_3_4

PriceFrom $678.00

The artwork series 'PSY' encapsulates a profound journey through the artist's emotional and creative evolution. With a palette of digital hues that ebb and flow like water, the piece mirrors the artist's introspective struggle with confidence and the relentless pursuit of authenticity in expression. 


At its core, the artwork resonates with the fluidity akin to PSY's dynamic creations, where every brushstroke or digital pulse reflects a deeper connection to universal energies. The artist, seeking a multidimensional interpretation of the world, incorporates quantum perspectives, finding stability in the uncertainty of creativity itself.


The canvas is a dance of unexpected accidents, where intentional imperfections lead to spontaneous revelations. Techniques such as drawing with a non-dominant hand, or animating with randomly set keyframes, highlight the artist's quest for happy accidents that breathe life into the digital realm. Each layer tells a story of resilience and experimentation, where moments of vulnerability intertwine with bursts of artistic revelation.


This artwork invites viewers to explore beyond the surface, to embrace imperfections as portals to new discoveries, and to resonate with the artist's courageous journey of self-discovery and creation. It is a testament to the artist's unwavering dedication to pouring his essence into every stroke, striving to find harmony in the unpredictable dance of creativity.

Render from generative artwork, 2024.

Resolution: 1920x1920px

Duration: 10s

File Size: 44.1MB

The watermark is not present on the actual product.

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