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Butterfly Lovers

Butterfly Lovers

PriceFrom $3,480.00

The inspiration for this work comes from a classic piece of Chinese literature, "Butterfly Lovers."

In the story, Zhu Yingtai, disguised as a man, goes to study and forms a deep friendship with her classmate, Liang Shanbo. Later, Zhu falls in love with Liang and reveals her true identity as a woman, and the two secretly vow to be together for life. However, Zhu is forced into an engagement with a wealthy merchant's son. Heartbroken, Liang dies of illness.

On her way to the wedding, Zhu leaps into Liang's grave, and the pair transform into butterflies that dance together eternally, symbolizing people’s everlasting desire for pure love.

Resolution: 2160 × 2700 px

Duration: 00:32

File Size: 185.6 MB

The watermark is not present on the actual product.

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