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Captivating Visuals for the Modern Age


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Captivating Visuals for the Modern Age

Motion digital art is a dynamic and immersive form of visual art that combines traditional artistic elements with cutting-edge digital technology. By integrating animation, video, and interactive media, motion digital art brings static images to life, creating a captivating experience for viewers. Perfect for modern home decor, and commercial displays, this innovative art form engages audiences with its fluidity and movement. Discover the future of art with stunning motion digital pieces that redefine creativity and expression in the digital age.

Turn Digital art into Prints

Captivating Visuals for the Modern Age

Still digital art offers a modern twist on traditional art forms, capturing stunning visuals through digital mediums. This art form includes detailed illustrations, vibrant graphics, and innovative designs created using advanced software and technology. Ideal for home decor, office spaces, and digital galleries, still digital art provides a unique and contemporary aesthetic. Additionally, you have the option to turn these captivating digital pieces into fine art prints, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to any physical space.

Art x Tech

Transforming Spaces into Lifestyle Destinations with Digital Art.

Incorporating digital art into shopping malls and public spaces is a strategic move that enhances the visitor experience, sets the mall apart from competitors, and drives foot traffic. The result is a vibrant, engaging environment that encourages longer stays, increases spending, and ultimately boosts revenue. By creating memorable experiences, malls can attract a diverse audience, foster community engagement, and secure a competitive edge in the retail landscape. 

Immersive Art Experience

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Attracting a Broader Demographic

Showcasing digital art aligns the mall with cultural and artistic values, appealing to a broader audience.

This broad appeal helps attract a diverse demographic, making the mall a popular destination for various groups.

Creating a Multifaceted
Visitor Experience

Digital art helps transform shopping malls from purely retail spaces into immersive experiences, making visits more enjoyable and engaging.

Interactive installations and visually stunning displays can captivate audiences of all ages, encouraging longer stays.

By integrating art, culture, and technology, malls can offer a diverse range of experiences beyond shopping, including entertainment and education.

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Gallery as the Shopping Mall

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Brand Differentiation

In a competitive retail environment, digital art helps differentiate a mall from its competitors.

Unique digital art installations can become signature attractions, setting the mall apart as a forward-thinking and innovative destination.

Enhancing Social Spaces

Digital art installations can create engaging and interactive social spaces where visitors can gather, relax, and enjoy.

These spaces encourage social interaction, making the mall a community hub where people want to spend their time.

Encouraging Repeat Visits

By regularly updating digital art installations and hosting art-related events, malls can keep the experience fresh and exciting.

This dynamic environment encourages visitors to return frequently to see what's new.

Featured Digital Artist

Innovating Art with Technology

Discover the groundbreaking work of our featured digital artist, whose innovative use of technology redefines the boundaries of modern art. Our talented creator combines intricate digital techniques with a unique artistic vision, producing captivating pieces that resonate with contemporary audiences. From mesmerizing animations to stunning still visuals, their portfolio showcases a diverse range of digital masterpieces. Explore their work and gain insight into the future of art.

Kazuhiro Aihara

Tokyo, Japan

Digital Artist


Kazuhiro Aihara is a digital artist known for his exploration of digital textures, brushstrokes, and color palettes. With a background in graphic design and typeface, he is painting directly on the Photoshop art board. His unique style caught attention, and since around 2015, his poster works have been collected in renowned design galleries and museums across Japan, Taiwan, and more. Aihara's talent has led him to collaborate with major commercial brands, including Nike, showcasing his ability to merge art and design seamlessly. In 2021, he made his foray into the world of NFTs, sharing his digital creations on platforms like SuperRare and Foundation. Aihara's innovative approach incorporates deliberate glitches and unexpected digital accidents, pushing the boundaries of visual art, his distinct style emphasizes intuition and improvisation. With a strong passion for experimentation, Kazuhiro Aihara continues to make his mark in the world of digital art and design.


Yuma Yanagisawa


New Media Artist


Yuma Yanagisawa is a Japanese artist who experiments with creative coding to create immersive, interactive algorithmic compositions. Yanagisawa creates immersive, experimental installations with real-time graphics, which materialize as code-based illustrations from fractals to AI-generated imagery, & photorealistic visualizations using physically-based rendering.



2018 Microsoft Partner of the Year | Special Prize

2016 YouFab Global Creative Awards | First Prize

2016 Creative Hack Award | Public Prize


2023 Porto Urbano, “Kappa FuturFestival,” Turin, Italy

2023 Madinat Jumeirah, “Art Dubai,” Dubai, UAE

2022 The Stay Boulevard Nisantasi, “Sip & Shop,” Istanbul, Turkey

2022 Blackdove, “The Peace Project,” Miami, USA

2022 Parcel, “Sizeless Twin,” Tokyo, Japan

2022 Burj Park, “WOW Summit,” Dubai, UAE

2021 Kunstkraftwerk, “Bright Festival,” Leipzig, Germany

2021 Unit London, “NFTism,” London, UK

2021 “Digital Art Month | Paris (CADAF),” Paris, France

2020 Lightbox, “CREATIVE CODE FESTIVAL,” New York, USA

2020 Mousonturm, “NODE20 - Node x MUTEK,” Frankfurt, Germany

2020 Spiral, “1GB,” Tokyo, Japan

2019 Plexus Projects, “Vitrine,” New York, USA

2019 Xpace, “Recess,” Toronto, Canada

2019 SXSW, “Trade Show,” Austin, USA

2018 Jerusalem Historical City Hall Building, “ArtBnB Jerusalem 2018,” Jerusalem, Israel

2018 Toronto Media Arts Centre, “ChangeUp Exhibition,” Toronto, Canada

2017 Shibuya Hikarie 8/, “YouFab Global Creative Awards Exhibition,” Tokyo, Japan

2017 Billboard Live Tokyo, “Live Hackasong,” Tokyo, Japan

2016 Reijunkan Gallery, “KENPOKU ART 2016,” Ibaraki, Japan

2015 FabCafe Tokyo, “KENPOKU Art Hack Day,” Tokyo, Japan

2015 3331 Arts Chiyoda, “3331α Art Hack Day 2015,” Tokyo, Japan

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